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Ageras Olive Oil is a 100% Koroneiki variety cold extracted Extra Virgin Olive Oil, originating from a family-owned olive grove of 800 trees in southern-facing slope of the village of Martha in Crete, Greece. 

Our olives are picked at their peak of ripeness, collected in hessian fabric sacks, and transported to the local oil mill within 24 hours.  The village’s oil mill ensures that Ageras EVOO’s acidity levels stay well below 0,4% and protects its nutritious ingredients by the cold extraction procedure (under 27°C / 80.6°F).  The village's southern salty winds coat, nourish and enrich the olives with fresh Mediterranean salt, which leads to the optimal oil extraction circumstances and create an olive oil with an overall taste score of 9,1/10, ideal for pairing with fish and pasta dishes according to accredited olive oil sommelier Charalampos Papadimitriou.

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