Avros Organic Dried Figs - organic sundried figs
Avros Organic Dried Figs - organic sundried figs
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Avros Organic Dried Figs

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Avros Organic Dried Figs Naturally organic sun dried figs

This is a very well kept tradition from Avros family that proudly continues up to this day. From generation to generation at the greek family farm they sun-dried figs under the perfect microclimate of their lands in the village of Stomio in Larissa, habitat Greece.

They add natural wild bilberry leaves and extract that gives a gently sweet and aromatic character and touch to their figs.  In order to preserve them, they add a gentle touch of organic flour that honestly enhances their taste and shelf life. 

Sun dried figs benefits:

Organic dry Figs are rich in fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron. Consider adding them to your diet in order to enjoy Sun dried figs health benefits. 

Organic dry figs can be a great addition to your breakfast, they will add a succulent touch to any type of salads, and they are a great snack that will give you plenty of energy to move on through your day with Greek sundried figs. Sun dried figs health benefits. Dried figs, kalamata organic sundried figs.

Weight  200g