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From the depths of the magnificent and rich Aegean Sea, we find the Aegean Mollissima Sponge.  An almost extinct specie brought back to life and market thanks to the efforts of Cleopatra's Sponges. 

 It is a rare and unique sponge known for its softness and velvety touch.  It naturally grows on the bed floor of the Aegean Sea, but due to excess fishing and diseases it almost went to extinction back in the days. 

Cleopatra's Sponges are harvested responsibly in a sustainable and cruelty free way.  Only a small part of the sponge is extracted from it, giving them the time to naturally re-grow, process that takes about a month. 

This method helps their population and the resurgence of the specie.  Also Cleopatra's Sponges passion and responsibility goes further, they have built in the island of Crete an aquaculture of the Aegean Mollissima, helping restore the natural balance of the Aegean ecosystem.  

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