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Seremony Vital Cosmetics

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We Box Nature

    Celebrate your Wellbeing, Enhance your Beauty, Return to Nature

    Why vital cosmetics?

    Nature provides us with the resources to create functional and effective cosmetics, without the need to alter them by adding synthetic ingredients. This, however, can only be achieved by following seasonality, respecting balsamic periods and using expert extraction methods to release the properties and effectiveness of the plant active ingredients.

    Organic plant water is the basis of all SEREMONY formulas: an immediate benefit for hair and scalp directly from nature.

    To ensure functional and compatible cosmetics, all plant and natural extracts are food grade and listed in the O.P. (Official Pharmacopoeia). Cosmetics with a high concentration of phytoactives are alive and active: they communicate with the body while creating a balance between natural beauty and an immediate sensation of wellbeing.

    All SEREMONY products are multi-tasking and synergic.

    This allows us to create dynamic, personalised treatments for every customer.

    SEREMONY is more than a line of vital cosmetics with an extremely high active ingredient content, it is a treatment system for both hair and scalp that involves all the sensory organs.

    SEREMONY products rigorously comply with HACCP procedures and UNI-EN ISO 9001 standards

    10 products
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