Asportuguesas Slip on Sandal Fuse Black and Black Sole
Asportuguesas Slip on Sandal Fuse Black and Black Sole

Asportuguesas Slip on Sandal Fuse Black and Black Sole

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Spring Summer 2022
Eco friendly shoes
Get ready to walk on cork!!  

Get stylish with this eco & ego friendly microfiber slip on sandals created by ASPORTUGUESAS. 100% raw natural cork sole. Asportuguesas Fuse Collection is a stylish and fashionable everyday slip on sandal so comfortable you might feel you are walking on air.  Its sole is 3cm thick giving you a more elevated and relax walk on this new slip on cork sand Al.

Leave a positive footprint on the earth and help preserve our environment with this new and stylish shoe.

Color:  Black Microfiber with Black Sole


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