Bluevert L’Inquiétude Sérum Initiatique Jeunesse

Bluevert L’Inquiétude Sérum Initiatique Jeunesse

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Bluevert L’Inquiétude Sérum Initiatique Jeunesse Age Prevention Serum

Bluevert L’Inquiétude Sérum Initiatique Jeunesse. The use of a serum is fundamental as its solubility and texture enables it to penetrate the deepest layers of our skin to deal with any problems at their root. 

L’Inquiétude Sérum Initiatique Jeunesse is an ideal product for delaying the first signs of ageing and preventing them from forming deep within the inner layers of the skin.

With its light and silky texture the Sérum Initiatique Jeunesse is essential to fight oxidative stress and the changes that the skin begins to undergo at the ages of 20 to 25 years.

The serum acts on all levels and preserves the youthfulness of the skin.  It has a 24% concentration of active ingredients such as the marine complex Plasmarine™, vitamin C, collagen and diverse botanical extracts. 

It restores the DNA of the skin and penetrates deeply to brighten, hydrate and increase the elasticity, while defending it against the aggressions of free radicals.

This ultra-concentrated formula with 10 active ingredients provides solutions to all the needs of the skins affected by the first signs of ageing, regulating pigmentation and providing exceptional brightness.

Paraben Free - Mineral Oil Free


How to use

Apply one full pump to the face on a cleansed and toned skin daytime and nighttime with gentle movements.  Follow with Crème Prèvention Suprême and Contour des Yeux Revitalisant.

Active Ingredients

Plasmarine™, Highly Stable Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid of Low Molecular Weight, Botanic Anti-Pigmentation Complex, Soluble Collagen of Marine Origin, Marine Elastin, Complex of Marine & Botanical Anti-Wrinkle Ingredients, Marine Exopolysaccharide, Botanical Resin of Croton Lechleri, Epigenetic Marine Glycogens.