Bluevert La Sagesse Sérum Précieux Integral

Bluevert La Sagesse Sérum Précieux Integral

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Bluevert La Sagesse Sérum Précieux Integral The ultimate Facial Repair Serum

Bluevert La Sagesse Sérum Précieux Integral. Thanks to its texture and high concentration of active ingredients, La Sagesse Sérum Précieux Integral penetrates the deepest layers of the epidermis. 

Contributing to the synthesis of collagen to prevent and reduce the visibility of the signs of ageing on the outer layers of the skin, while also hydrating and offering benefits of antioxidants, calming, preventing and firming effects. 

This is a new global anti-ageing formula that treats all the signs of ageing using the Plasmarine™ star ingredient combined with 11 active ingredients of botanical and marine origin in order to combat cellular ageing.

La Sagesse Sérum Précieux Integral is a concentrated anti-ageing serum for the comprehensive care of the face and eye contour, that acts on all signs of ageing. 

With a 34% of active ingredients that helps restore the DNA of the skin, the serum penetrates deeply, contributing to firm, nourish and hydrate the facial skin.  It’s aids to fade away the appearance of wrinkles while renewing the skin making it appear more radiant. 

Its 12 super-concentrated active ingredients work in synergy to bring back the splendor of skin by comprehensively repairing it and achieving previously unheard results in term of rejuvenation.

Paraben Free - Mineral Oil Free

30 ml

How to use

Apply and gently massage a small amount to cleansed, toned skin, eye contour and décolleté daytime and nighttime.   Afterwards apply La Sagesse Crème Parfaite Globale.

Active Ingredients

Plasmarine™, Allatoin, Highly Stable Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid of Low Molecular Weight, Bisabolol, Soluble Collagen of Marine Origin, Pearl Powder, Botanical Resin of Croton Lechleri, Anti-Wrinkle Hexapeptide, Epigenetic Marine Glycogens, Peptide Stimulant of Fibroblasts, Epigenic Hexapeptide Skin Reprogrammer.