MyVeg Bruma Tonica Bifasica
MyVeg Bruma Tonica Bifasica

MyVeg Bruma Tonica Bifasica

MyVeg Bruma Tonica Bifasica

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Biphasic tonic mist

Neuro-Cosmetic aromatherapy mist for hair, face, and body.

Ultra-concentrated bi-phasic formula, rich in functional plant substances with anti-aging, refreshing, and illuminating action. Deeply moisturizes and brings functional elements to skin and hair during sun exposure. Its super nourishing formulation is enriched with whole marigold fl owers which not only make it more precious, but also enhance its soothing and antioxidant action. It is a neuro-cosmetic treatment designed to give optimism and relaxation in a holistic way, increasing the feeling of well-being and good mood. The plant active ingredients resynchronize the balance of neuro-receptors, improving the transmission of cellular messages and revealing a visibly more toned and rejuvenated skin. 

It contributes to the regeneration of lipids in the stratum corneum (corneal layer), giving a more hydrated and healthy-looking skin, while the powerful natural antioxidants of the plants act in the protection of the DNA from aggression caused by UV rays.


  • Stimulates wellbeing and good mood 
  • Governs frizz
  • Hydrating
  • Brightness for skin and hair
  • Refreshing Action
  • Soothing Action
  • Photoprotective for hair
  • Anti-age
  • Anti pollution

Refreshes the skin and prevents sunburn. Ideal for use during summer and / or as a refreshing mist after sun exposure; fights excessive dryness and itching sensations. It is an adjuvant in all cases of irritations, redness and burns resulting from prolonged exposure to the sun.  

This bi-phasic aromatic mist hydrates and governs frizzy hair, with a touch of incomparable shine. The hair is sublimated, light to the touch and shiny. It ensures an extraordinary brightness and resistance to your hair colour.


Use on hair:  Shake well before using. As a hair lotion: spray abundantly on hair, before, after and during sun exposure. As a protection against chlorine and salt: spray on hair before and after your bath (if you do not have the opportunity to wash your hair with fresh water) after removing the excess water. As a restoring and leave-in lotion: spray on hair and proceed with the desired styling.

Use on body:  Shake well before using. As a restoring and antioxidant tonic: spray on face and body, during and after sun exposure. As a refreshing lotion against dry air and on hot summer days even in cities. As a soothing lotion on reddened skin.

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