Philip Martin's Canapa Rinse
Philip Martin's Canapa Rinse

Philip Martin's Canapa Rinse

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Philip Martin’s De-Stress & Restructuring Hemp Mask

Philip Martin's De-Stress & Restructuring Hemp Mask is a conditioner that gives extreme shine to the hair thanks to its actives ingredients of Organic Hemp Extract, Ceramides and Proline.  Together they protect the hair from oxidative stress giving it shine and strength, while stimulating hair growth.  Washing your hair at home will become the ultimate self care and wellness ritual.



After shampooing with the Canapa Wash, take excess water from the mane and apply a small amount of the Canapa Mask and leave it for a few minutes then rinse.



Guaraná Extract • Ceramides • Organic Hemp Extract  • Proline • Restructuring •. Purifying • De-Stressing • Ginseng

200 ml • 1000 ml


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