Bluevert La Sagesse Contour des Yeux Éclatant

Bluevert La Sagesse Contour des Yeux Éclatant

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Bluevert La Sagesse Contour des Yeux Éclatant Revitalizing Eye Cream

Bluevert La Sagesse Contour des Yeux Éclatant It is no doubt that the eye contour is one of the areas most exposed to premature ageing, due to the fact the the skin around this area is 5 times thinner than the rest of the face. 

We blink our eyes an approximate of 10,000 times daily which means it is in constant movement and no wonder the first signs of ageing in youthful skin usually starts to be visible around eye contour if we don’t take proper care of it. 

Many factors contribute to this such as the lack of lipids in the area which can result on dehydration, also that it has many capillaries which due to bad circulation or an excessive production of melanin, can lead to dark circles under the eyes. 

If we add to this the stress and rhythm of daily life, the lack of sleep, genetic factors among others, it can create a dull and tired gazed, leading to under the eye puffiness.

La Sagesse Contour des Yeux Éclatant is a specific cream for the eye contour that contains the marine complex of Plasmarine™ and active botanical ingredients that help decongest and fight under the eye puffiness and dark circles. 

It’s daily use helps to reduce the appearance of bags, wrinkles and dark circles by revealing a younger, brighter and rested look.

Paraben Free - Mineral Oil Free

15 ml

How to use

Apply a small amount and gently massage by tapping your finger tip around the eye area from the inside to the outside of the eye, on a perfectly cleansed eye contour, daytime and nighttime.  Follow after and apply La Sagesse Sérum Précieux Integral and La Sagesse Crème Parfaite Globale.

Active Ingredients

Caffeine, Centella Asiatica Extract, Botanical Complex Activator of Microcirculation.