Bluevert La Sagesse Crème Parfaite Globale

Bluevert La Sagesse Crème Parfaite Globale

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Bluevert La Sagesse Crème Parfaite Globale Supreme Multi-Action Anti-Ageing Cream

Bluevert La Sagesse Crème Parfaite Globale. Designed to fight wrinkles, loss of elasticity, radiance, hydration and skin firmness.  It is a face and eye contour cream that contains 48% exclusive active ingredients, resins, botanical extracts and the Plasmarine™ marine complex.

Bluevert La Sagesse Crème Parfaite Globale has the epigenetic action and ability to repair DNA, acting efficiently to give an anti-wrinkle action, increase skin elasticity, firmness and hydrating, whilst restoring the levels of nutrition. 

The skin after continuous use will reveal a more rejuvenated, bright, hydrated and nourished appearance, giving back its splendor by repairing it profoundly.

Paraben Free - Mineral Oil Free

50 ml

How to use

Apply and massage a small amount to cleansed, toned skin, eye contour and décolleté daytime and nighttime.  Warm the cream in your hand for a few second before applying with gentle smoothing movements.  For a more intense action we recommend to combine with La Sagesse Sèrum Prècieux Integral.

Active Ingredients

Plasmarine™, Allatoin, Highly Stable Vitamin C, Shea Butter, Rose Hip Oil, Bisabolol, Soluble Collagen of Marine Origin, Pearl Powder, Botanical Resin of Croton Lechleri, Complex of Essential Minerals, Anti-Wrinkle Hexapeptide, Chia Seed Oil, Hyaluronic Acid of Low Molecular Weight, Hematite, Peptide Stimulant of Fibroblasts, Epigenic Hexapeptide Skin Reprogrammer, Epigenetic Marine Glycogens.